In the Midst of Your Drama turns 10

Two weeks ago Otto sent me a message asking if we should do something with ‘In the Midst of Your Drama’ turning 10 years old. We’ve had occasional rehearses over the years but it’s been a long time now since we last got together. Back in 2009/2010 quite a few people added stuff on the album, but since my studio is rather small we decided to get together and make live videos of some of the songs with a minimal lineup.

The event was caught on film by three phones placed in different positions in the room and with junior filmmaker Doris helping out with her phone. The sound was recorded live into Cubase. Our junior sound tech Dante gave Jens a hand getting the drums right and sending out general good vibes.

Performed by

Jens Pettersson – Drums, Vocals

Otto Johansson – Guitar, Bass

Linus Giertta – Fender Rhodes

John Roger Olsson – Vocals, Guitar

Sound mixed by Linus Giertta

Videos edited by Otto Johansson

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