Forsaken live in Kärrtorp

We played at Reflexen in Kärrtorp yesterday. Here’s a live video. Recorded by Mikko Singh.

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Back from the tour and Don’t Look Back documentary

We are back from the tour. Had a really great time. Thanks to all involved and the people showing up at the concerts.

Here’s a short documentary about the recording of Don’t Look Back Into The Darkness. Filmed and produced by Ola Fredholm.

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German Tour 2014

TGO will travel as a duo for this tour. John Roger Olsson will be joined by Otto Johansson (guitar, keyboard, bass).

14/03/14 Norderney (GER) @ Henrietta Kulturhaus – duo
15/03/14 Stade (GER) @ Hanse Song Festival – trio (with special guest Leo Svensson on cello)
16/03/14 Cologne (GER) @ Lichtung – duo
17/03/14 Wuppertal (GER) @ Utopiastadt – duo
18/03/14 Würzburg (GER) @ Dencklerkino – duo
19/03/14 Schwäbisch-Hall (GER) @ Anlagencafe – duo
20/03/14 Chemnitz (GER) @ Lokomov – duo
21/03/14 Schwerin (GER) @ Speicher – duo

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Photos from the Eskilstuna show.




Photos by Robert Hrušovar

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TGO @ Bandcamp

Physical record sales keeps the indie labels like Tapete alive. Please consider buying the TGO albums. I’ve made a bandcamp page with great prices. Click here:

Thanks for your support.

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Show in Eskilstuna added

TGO will play Eskilstuna Konstmuseum February 6. Hope to see you there. Here’s the facebook event:

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The Grand Opening Tour 2014

TGO will play full band shows in Sundsvall and my home town Ånge i February and March. In mid March me and Otto Johansson will be TGO duo on tour in Germany. These are the dates so far:

28/02/14 Sundsvall (SE) @ Pipeline w/ Marcus Kimaro – full band
01/03/14 Ånge (SE) @ Steam Club w/ Black Creed – full band
14/03/14 Nordeney (GER) @ Henrietta Kulturhaus – duo show
15/03/14 Stade (GER) @ Hanse Song Festival w/ Christian Kjellvander, The Tiny – duo show
16/03/14 Cologne (GER) @ Lichtung – duo show
17/03/14 Wuppertal (GER) @ Utopiastadt – duo show
18/03/14 TBA
19/03/14 Schwäbisch-Hall (GER) @ Anlagencafe – duo show
20/03/14 Chemnitz (GER) @ Lokomov – duo show
21/03/14 Schwerin (GER) @ Speicher – duo show

Happy New Year.


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